Duplicate Bye Bye WordPress Plugin Free Download

Duplicate Bye Bye WordPress Plugin
"Who Else Wants to Laugh At The Duplicate Content Penalty....All The Way To The Bank...?"
Do You have auto-blogs or a blog that you post other peoples content to, but get sick and tired of your content not ranking and costing you money? Well, I was sick and tired of it at one time too...

I decided to do something about it!
You see, I like to automate as much of my income as I possibly can. Therefore, I set up a ton of blogs that pull content automatically to get a ton of visitors which in turn puts a nice chunk of cash in my pockets every month from things like Qadabra, CPA, affiliate programs, and adding people to my list.

The problem I was running into is that tons of other people were doing the same thing. The content that was being dripped to my blogs was also being dripped to 100's of other blogs and I started to see a decline in my rankings and traffic because the same content that I was using was on tons of other sites as well.

Duplicate Bye Bye WordPress Plugin Box
The programmer, let's call him Mr. X made a plugin that essentially made duplicate content unique to my blog. This was accomplished by simply changing some of the "code" in the html to basically allow the search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and MSN to see our content as Unique...So unique that it passes CopyScape every single time, even though it is content being pulled from other sites.

If you use WordPress as a blogging platform then chances are good you are familiar with plugins like WP-O-Matic and the likes that automatically pull and post content to your blog. My plugin works hand in hand with these types of plugins. It takes the content that is being posted,works its magic and gives you content that is unique to you which in turn gives you a hell of a better chance of achieving excellent rankings. Which of course we all know, means more money.

(Requires WordPress 2.7 or above)
  1. You will need to unzip Duplicate Bye Bye (duplicate.zip) after downloading.
  2. Once you unzip Duplicate Bye Bye upload the folder called "cblender" to your WordPress plugins folder.
  3. Login to your WordPress installation. Go to plugins in the Admin menu and activate the plugin.
  4. After that you are done. All posted content both will be processed automatically.
Please Note: The plugin permanently changes the posts. This is to prevent high load by trying to render the unique content every visit.It is recommended for new blogs. Duplicate Bye Bye may permanently modify previous posts as well. That is why we recommend it be used for new blogs, or blogs that are not already ranking well.
It is required that your sever uses php 5.
Duplicate Bye Bye WordPress Plugin Download