Run Android OS on your PC/Laptop

Android OS on PC/Laptop
Android OS on your PC/Laptop

Android (operating system)

Android is a Linux-based operating system designed primarily for touchscreen mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers But Now you can run it on any PC/Laptop with other OS like Windows.

1. An Android OS .iso file. Download it From HERE.
2. A USB drive or Blank CD/DVD.
3. UNetBootin (For USB Drive). Download it from HERE.

How to Run/Install?
You can Run the Android OS without Installing. Click here for Some ScreenShots.
You Can Also Run Android OS on Virtual Box.(Learn More at HERE.)

Burn the .iso file on the Blank CD/DVD using Nero or any other CD/DVD burning software.

For USB Drive:
Plug in your USB drive and run the UNetbootin application. Select the “Disk image” option and browse tand load the .iso file. Next, set the type to “USB Drive” and select the USB drive from the drop down menu. Click OK.
After the files are copied, your live Bootable USB is ready for use.

Reboot to Run the Android OS
Boot Screen
On booting:

  1. To Run Android OS without installation  select the “Run Android x86 without installation” option.
  2. To Install it in your Hard Disk Follow these Simple Steps here.