Lock Windows Account After A Specific Number Of Wrong Login Attempts

By default you can perform unlimited user account login attempts on a Windows 7 system, which compromises with your privacy. if anyone knows you a bit and is capable of guessing your password then he may get access to your system after a few attempts.

here are the steps you need to follow to activate the auto lock after a specific number of login attempts:

1. Go to Start Menu and type "Local Security Policy". click on the result and launch the program.

2. Now click on Account Policies -> Account Lockout Policy -> Account Lockout Threshold

3. On clicking on Account Locking Threshold A pop up window will open asking number of failed attempts before account will be locked. Set it to whatever number you like. I recommend 5 as a good selection. Then apply and save the changes.

4. You are Half Done, if you wish you may continue. By the default the lockout duration is 30 minutes, if you find it less or more you can increase or decrease the duration as per your wish.

5. Double click Account lockout Duration under Account Policies. in the pop up window, select your preferred time and save the settings.

and Enjoy!!!!!.