Free your RAM Memory Using Notepad to Increase your PC Performance

If your PC become slow, when you are operating with several programs. it may be due to RAM because at that time RAM is filled with remaining progress items that you're operating with and you do not need them any more.
So, if you'll erase or delete those unnecessary items of data, your PC RAM will be clean and your pc will be speed up.

Cleaning RAM is extremely simple task here are steps for it, simply follow them:

1). Open notepad.

2). Type:


3). Save file with name "CleanRAM.vbs".

4). Close it and run the file.

It will free memory in RAM, if you want to free more memory than you can write following command in notepad instead of what given in step 2.

FreeMem= (256000000) for 256 mb

FreeMem= (128000000) for 128 mb

FreeMem= (72000000) for 72 mb

FreeMem= (64000000) for 64 mb

FreeMem= (32000000) for 32 mb

FreeMem= (24000000) for 24 mb


Make sure that you don't select the memory that is larger than your memory capacity.